GoCar Car Sharing Ltd is a company registered in Ireland with its registered office at 35 Northwood Court, Northwood Business Park, Santry, Dublin 9 and company number 475845.

1. Scope of the General Terms and Conditions and right of usage



The General Terms and Conditions apply to the entire business relationship between the customer and GoCar CarSharing Limited. In addition, the Price List, the Customer Manual, the Vehicle Handbook in the vehicles, the Insurance Terms of the Vehicle insurer and everything in the respective applicable version apply. The insurance terms can be viewed during office hours in the GoCar CarSharing office. Only the Directors of GoCar CarSharing are authorised to agree to verbal deviations and supplements to these General Terms and Conditions.


Drivers authorised by GoCar at time of sign up must be at least 21 years of age and may use the vehicles provided by GoCar CarSharing. Authorised drivers must be in possession of a full driving license for at least two years. The license must meet the legal requirements for driving the respective vehicle and depending on where the driver’s licence has been issued, an IDP (International Drivers Permit) may be required. More information on this can be found HERE. As per the Road Safety of Ireland regulations, if you pass the driving test in a vehicle with automatic transmission, your driving licence will only allow you to drive a vehicle with automatic transmission. If you pass your driving test in a manual vehicle you will be licensed to drive both automatic transmission and manual cars. Please be aware we strictly do not allow our vehicles to be used for driving lessons/ driving tests. Any customer over the age of 75 needs to provide a medical certificate/letter which states that they are fit to drive. Customers over the age of 75 will also need to provide a letter from their insurance company stating that they have or have had an insurance policy in the last 2 years and have not had an accident in the last 5 years. Acceptance of any licences with penalty points are subject to GoCar CarSharings discretion.


In this, a typical basic contract, the right to use the vehicles and the fulfilment of these rights without interruption also depend on the behaviour of GoCar members.  Irresponsible behaviour may result in termination of GoCar membership. Irresponsible behaviour includes but is not limited to; leaving a GoCar or GoVan in an untidy state after a booking, consistently returning late without notification; causing damage during a booking but not reporting same; misplacing vehicle keys; placing the wrong fuel type in a vehicle or returning a GoCar with less than ¼ of a tank of fuel; speeding in a GoCar, driving in bus lanes during that bus lanes’ active times, being on a mobile phone while driving or reckless driving may result in termination of membership, this is at the discretion of GoCar. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will lead to immediate termination of membership. GoCar reserve the right to terminate membership if irresponsible behaviour deems it necessary.

2. Financing contributions.


GoCar will invoice the Authorised Driver for their use of the Vehicle in accordance with the price list as applicable from time to time for individual rentals and notified to the Authorised Driver. The current price list can be found at www.gocar.ie. GoCar will be entitled to change the price list and payment terms for future rentals at any time.

The rental price inclusive of VAT shall be due for payment at the end of the agreed rental term. Payments will be effected according to the payment method chosen by the Authorised Driver. The invoice will be sent automatically by e-mail to the Authorised Driver no later than 10 days following end of the individual rental agreement.

GoCar will provide an invoice to the Authorised Driver following the conclusion of the rental period by email (to the email address provided by the Authorised Driver).  Alternatively, members can log into their personal account to access invoices. The Authorised Driver must immediately notify GoCar if an invoice is not received, or if the same cannot be accessed.

When payment is made by credit card the Authorised Driver is obliged to provide security (a deposit) for the fulfilment of his obligations when the rental period commences if GoCar requests. GoCar is not obliged to invest the security separately from its assets. The security shall not bear interest. The Lessor can enforce its right to payment of security even a considerable time after commencement of the rental agreement. Unless otherwise agreed, the rental charge, all other agreed charges and the security (deposit) will be charged to the Authorised Driver’s credit card. Instead of debiting the Authorised Driver’s credit card, GoCar can, by making a so-called merchant request in its favour, have a sum in the amount of the deposit frozen under the credit facility granted to the Authorised Driver by their credit card institution for the credit card.

When paying by Direct Debit the Authorised Driver must ensure upon receipt of the invoice that the bank account to which the Direct Debt relates has sufficient funds for payment of the invoiced amount to be taken.

The Authorised Driver is liable for any processing/administrative costs arising from any late payment of the above charges, without prejudice to the right to claim any further damages due to late performance.

The Authorised Driver authorises GoCar to charge the payment account (credit card, debit card or current account) stated at the time of the first rental for all later rentals as well as any other charges which the Authorised Driver owes under or in connection with the rental (such as, for example, the registration fee, flat-rate charges for expenses in the case of any violation of any traffic regulations, toll offences, contractual penalties, etc.).

 When payment is made by credit or debit card, the Authorised Driver must only use their own card or,   where a business credit or debit card is used, a card that they have permission and authority to use.


Member accounts may be placed on hold if payments for trips or membership fees are declined.  Failure to pay may be due to the payment card being expired or no funds available. In either case the member will be informed that the account is on hold. Any outstanding balances due to GoCar CarSharing Limited will be recovered by the Accounts Department.


Monthly credit limits are set at the start of the contract, once the credit limit has been reached the customers account will go on automatic hold. To resolve this please contact our accounts team on 01-8122868 or email info@gocar.ie, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm / Weekends: 9am – 4pm.


Remainder of Refer a Friend bonuses does not carry over onto the next trip. GoCar members are not permitted to advertise their referral code as a coupon (or similar) on external sites ‘Passing off’ as representing GoCar or Europcar Mobility Group. Members who are found to be doing this may have their account blocked.

3. Returning the vehicle


The authorised driver is obliged to return the vehicle in good condition by the end of the reservation period. The return will be considered to be in good order if the vehicle is clean on the inside, with at least ¼ tank of fuel. All lights must be turned off and the doors locked to prevent theft.  It must be parked legally in a parking space at the GoBase.  If there is no space available the car must be parked legally as close as possible to the GoBase. A voicemail should be left or an email sent to info@gocar.ie notifying GoCar of where the vehicle is parked so the next customer can be notified of its location. In addition, all power consuming accessories must be switched off as this can run the battery down and may result in a fine. The key must also be securely deposited in the keypad in the vehicle.


All GoCars must be returned to the original GoBase they were collected from. Failure to return the GoCar to it’s GoBase will result in a relocation fine starting at €50.


GoCar CarSharing accept no responsibility for property left behind in a vehicle at the end of a booking.  Such properties are the sole responsibility of the authorized driver or passenger who left them in the vehicle during a booking.


Refueling – each vehicle should be returned to base with ¼ of a tank or more, out of courtesy for the next driver.  If you need to refuel there is a Circle K/Topaz fuel card and PIN provided. This fuel card can only be used in a Circle K/Topaz fuel station.  In circumstances where there are issues with the fuel card in Circle K/Topaz garages and it is necessary to pay for fuel on a personal debit / credit card, GoCar will refund to the same debit / credit card once a valid fuel receipt is confirmed. In the event you cannot make it to a Circle K/Topaz fuel station and fuel up in a station other than Circle K/Topaz fuel station and you have to make the payment yourself, GoCar will refund to same amount in credit to your GoCar account once a valid fuel receipt is confirmed.


Illegal parking – If a GoCar is parked in a space which results in the vehicle being clamped, towed away or impounded, the cost of the fine and an administration fee of €25 for this will be passed to the Member who parked the car illegally.


Late returns- should a GoCar member be late returning the vehicle, GoCar CarSharing must be informed by phone or an email sent to info@gocar.ie. This is applicable during and outside office hours. Time exceeded over a GoCar members original booking is charged at 200% of the hourly rate. Un-notified, late returns are also subject to a fine of €25.


Cancelations- should a GoCar member need to cancel a booking they can do so up to 24 hours before hand with no charge. Less than 24 hours and you are charged 50% of the hourly fee.


  1. You are cancelling your trip next week: free of charge
  2. It’s 12:00 and you are cancelling your trip tomorrow from 14:00 – xxx : no charge.
  3. It’s 12:00 and you are cancelling your trip tomorrow at 10:00 – 14:00: 2h are charged at a 50% of the hourly rate.
  4. It’s 12:00 and you are cancelling your trip today at from 14:00 – 18:00 : 4h are charged at 50% of the hourly rate. 

4. Liability of the GoCar driver


The authorised driver is  liable for all damage that occurs during the reservation period. If the damage is only pointed out to GoCar CarSharing by the next customer, the authorised driver is then liable if it is proven that the damage cannot have occurred in the GoBase. Only the GoCar member who’s name & details has been booked for the vehicle is allowed drive the vehicle. Any members found to be in breach of this rule could have their account blocked.


The liability of the authorised driver is limited to the excess specified in the respective, applicable price list for damage to a vehicle, provided the vehicle was used according to the contract and the damage was reported immediately. In the event of damage/accident during a booking, the €1500 excess will always be charged immediately for security reasons. If any refunds are due they will be processed when the matter is settled.


The authorised driver can reduce their excess by paying an annual Damage Excess Waiver (DEW) charge. The scope of the reduction in liability is set out at time of sign up on line.


The authorised driver is liable to GoCar CarSharing for the full amount of any damage that is the result of wilful or gross negligence or non-compliance with the General Terms and Conditions, the Legal Regulations or the general insurance terms. Wilful or gross negligence includes but is not limited to: driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, placing wrong fuel in a vehicle, giving your GoCard or personal GoCar login details to any other person.


GoCar CarSharing is entitled to dispense with using its own insurance in order to get its claim-free discount, without this reducing the scope of liability of the authorised driver.

5. Insurance protection during the booking period


All vehicles are insured with liability, third party, fire, theft and fully comprehensive coverage. The utilisation of insurance services is permitted only after prior co-ordination with GoCar CarSharing.

6. Liability of GoCar CarSharing


GoCar CarSharing is liable for damages resulting from fatal injury, bodily injury and loss of health, which were caused by negligent violation of the obligations of a legal representative or assistant. For the rest, GoCar CarSharing’s liability is limited to intentional and gross negligence. This especially applies to damage resulting from a vehicle not being available despite being reserved.


If your chosen reserved vehicle is not available at the reserved time period, for reasons beyond GoCar CarSharings control, GoCar CarSharing may give compensation of a taxi fare (up to €25 credit into your GoCar account) to and from an alternative GoBase as listed in the user manual.


GoCar CarSharing and service providers may collect information from the rental vehicle which may include data about the vehicle’s location, speed, distance travelled and operation. As a member you agree that the rental company and service providers can, subject to the applicable law, use and share any of this information to: (a) provide services to me; (b) assist emergency service providers, or other, as reasonably needed; (c) check or maintain the vehicle; (d) develop new products and services and improve existing ones; (e) enforce this Agreement; (f) prevent fraud, abuse or misuse of the services; (g) comply with legal requirements, including valid court orders and subpoenas; or (h) protect the rights, property, or safety of the member or others. Because the rental company provide service through wireless and other common carrier networks, they can’t guarantee that communications won’t be intercepted by others. Members agree not to hold the rental company liable for any damages for loss of privacy occurring in communication over such networks.

7. Contractual Penalties


The customer will pay a contractual penalty if s/he violates a rule in the General Terms and Conditions. A list of fees are provided in the user manual. This is particularly the case if s/he leaves the vehicle with someone who is not authorised to drive, returns a vehicle late, does not return with over ¼ of a tank of fuel, parks illegally, or loses a GoCard.  Behavior such as littering, speeding and illegal parking that results in a fine shall be passed on to the customer responsible along with a €25 administrative fine. Illegal parking which requires GoCar to relocate the vehicle may also result in a call-out charge.


The customer will also pay a contractual penalty if we have a reason to believe a customer is smoking in the car, leaves rubbish in the car, leaves pet hair in the car or does not return a vehicle in good condition. In this instance, customers can be liable to a valeting charge starting at €100.

8. Blocking and confiscating the GoCard


GoCar CarSharing can block any or all GoCards if the customer or an authorised driver violates the contractual obligations. In such cases, the usage rights are suspended until further notice. Some monthly fees will continue to accrue if the affected authorised driver is not de-registered.

9. Cancellation and handling of the Contractual conditions after completion


Any party can cancel the participatory contract when they wish. Two weeks’ notice prior to the end of the month must be given by email to GoCar CarSharing. To cancel your membership email info@gocar.ie requesting to cancel your membership at least two weeks prior to month end. Your GoCard must also be posted back to GoCar CarSharing Ireland to the following address.

GoCar CarSharing Ltd
35 Northwood Court,
Northwood Business Park,
Dublin 9.