I think the service is fantastic. Like living in any modern European city centre, owning and running a car makes little economic sense.

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Mike Gogan’s Testimonial

I absolutely love GoCar.  I’m a recent college graduate. I have a job in the city so I have no need for a car on a daily basis. I also live in an apartment in the city so it would be difficult to park it and it would be expensive.

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David Kirwin’s Testimonial

It’s extremely easy to book the car via website or app on a short notice and go shopping or escape somewhere pretty.

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Katarina Berg

GoCar seemed like the easy solution and will avoid any potentially tricky moments! It [car ownership] starts to make very little sense when you look at the figures compared to actual time its needed.

Maggie Moran

There is also the added financial benefit in that using the GoCar instead of a taxi, we save at least 25% per trip. Avego has two offices in Ireland, one in Dublin and one in Kinsale. The Dublin staff regularly visit the Kinsale office

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Jonathan Guard

GoCar is perfect for a small city centre business like ours.  We have a car or van nearby when we need it for a quick run but it’s not costing us money when we’re not using it.

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Seán Mullan

Brilliant service, highly recommend it! Customer service got me sorted quickly for registration & was able to enjoy the service in the hour

Audrey Queniez

The car was in great shape and was very easy to drive. Very easy to use and for short needs is great. I’ll recommend and I will use this server again.

Hugo Dias

In 24 Hrs I was ready to rock and roll and moved house in 48h – no paperwork. I was a bit conservative on the service. A couple of colleagues shared some tips and trick and the support I got online to register was great.

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Paulo Silva